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the linear motion vibration table

name: the linear motion vibration table is a special molding equipment for lost foam casting by generating linear motion of the molding sand in the sand box through its high-frequency micro vibration, thus achieving filling and compacting, which is provided


with the following features:

◆excellent compacting effect can be achieved

◆good filling effect.

◆air spring is used as the suspension mechanism, the coefficient of stiffness changes with the load, and the noise is greatly reduced.

◆stepless speed regulation may be achieved by means of frequency conversion, so that the excitation force and amplitude can be regulated as the weight of the object carried changes, thus achieving better vibration effect.

◆automatic clamping method may be adopted to reduce noise and achieve accurate positioning and good vibration transfer effect.

suitable for most of the workplace with generally complex mould cavity structure.


the linear motion vibration table of beijing tinder lost foam casting technology co., ltd. is complete in all varieties, cost-effective, has a relatively long service life.

taking the three-dimensional linear vibration table with a net load of 3t as an example, the process parameters are as follows:

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