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automatic bonding machine


name: automatic bonding machine

it is used for die bonding of plastic foam model in the white side of lost foam casting, which replaces manual bonding, significantly improves the working efficiency, reduces the number of labor and action area and ensures effective and stable bonding quality, and is one of the core equipment for mass production of lost foam casting.

featured with advanced technology and easy operation, tzgm series automatic bonding machine developed and manufactured by beijing tinder lost foam casting technology co., ltd. is an ideal choice of die bonding of lost foam casting.


hot-melt adhesive bonding, with the maximum working efficiency of 60 pieces/h

the adhesive temperature can be set, and the heating temperature is adjustable from room temperature to 300±1.

plc control, manual-auto switch.

automatic safety protection of the optical screen

automatic completion except for manual putting and removing of the die.

pneumatic drive

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